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Please do not confuse us with other Tahoe based organizations! WE DO NOT AFFILIATE WITH : SUSTAIN TAHOE - Nor the Incline -Tahoe Foundation We are NOT The Tahoe Fund , NOR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation!  

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principal which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.  
                                                                                                      --Thomas Jefferson

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To Donate:

Tahoe Found™A Bi-Annual Chronicle of the Histories of the Lake is the most important project which we need money to fund, in addition to architecture accreditation and historic research.  We have many interesting submissions sitting in our archives waiting to be printed and published, as well as  many other expenses which we need to cover to keep us completing the daily work, maintaining this website and required to deliver our projects.

Ultimately we intend to form The TAHOE Trust for Historic Preservation™ to address America's need to remember the American West's role in the preservation of the Union of our Nation. Such a Trust is necessary and timely  to protect,  preserve and educate our local populace to secure preservation tax credits, and to  employ local historians to  conduct the research necessary for the security,  documentation,  and interpretation of our nation's treasures which are deteriorating,  getting demolished by those who wish to ignore locals' rights to document
and determine whether or if said destruction is lawful without adequate public input and documentation.

For the sake of the lake!

To Contact Us: 

Please send inquiries to, email or call us at: 

                                              The Tahoe Foundation NV Office

                                              820 Oriole Way- 66

                                              Incline Village, NV  89451


                                               Phone:    775.831.2881

Upon receipt of your inquiry we will call you personally or send you more information,  via the US Post.  

Thank you!