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The Survey

The Survey is where sustainability of  the natural  or built environment begins....

                                                                                                                                                                              -Executive Director, The Tahoe Foundation, 2013



               The Survey is the first act in Preservation Planning. By observing the laws intended to assist citizen

               planning efforts, the Secretary of the Interior Standards, provides a framework  whereby a local

               community may begin  to identify, evaluate, and describe how the restoration of the natural or their

               built environment  will begin. Any effort to provide restoration skipping over this first step, is a

               disservice to those who will call the "restored" environs a part of their home.



The Secretary of the Interior's Standard for Preservation Planning

Standard I   :

Preservation Planning Establishes Historic Contexts.

Standard II : 

Preservation Planning Uses Historic Contexts to Develop Goals and Priorities for the Identification, Evaluation, Registration, and Treatment of Historic Properties.

Standard III:

The Results of Preservation Planning Are Made Available for Integration Into Broader Planning Processes.