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Welcome to  The T A H O E  Foundation!
Please do not confuse us with other Tahoe based organizations! WE DO NOT AFFILIATE WITH : SUSTAIN TAHOE - Nor the Incline -Tahoe Foundation We are NOT The Tahoe Fund , NOR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation!  

The  People Helping to Grow & Develop Our Mission & 

 Your Community Charity at the Lake & Beyond through

The Tahoe Foundation

Meet our Founding Board, Advisory Board,  and Current Board of Directors.

Current Board Members

Octavio Cresta
Carl Cross
Lisa Gelfand FAIA
Mike Harper FAICP
Alexandra Profant
Peter Profant

The Founding Board Members

Carl Cross-
Octavio Cresta
Eric Juillerat
Gregg Lubbe
Joe Tavormina

Tim Riley- Council

D. Alexandra Profant

Founding Advisory Board:
Mike Harper
Art George
Kent Cooper

Founding Web Presence:
*nix consulting