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Welcome to  The T A H O E  Foundation!
Please do not confuse us with other Tahoe based organizations! WE DO NOT AFFILIATE WITH : SUSTAIN TAHOE - Nor the Incline -Tahoe Foundation We are NOT The Tahoe Fund , NOR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation!  

We are a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization.  We are an educational based entity who provides opportunities for citizens to participate in heritage and preservation through public projects, emphasizing the allied arts, vocational, and professional curricula in architecture, landscape architecture, community planning,  environmental engineering and endorse native plant use in landscape design. 

Our motto is:  Preservation through Education and Innovation™... 

We also like to use the acronym of   T   A   H   O   E  as the letter-seeds 
which can best explain how we are  growing our grass-roots entity into an evolving and growing landscape of work and progress....  

This is happening through our projects which encompass the following disciplines:

                                                       Transit     Architecture     Heritage     Outreach    Education™ 

We are focused on pioneering a new approach to preservation.  While we utilize local and regional art and artists, to share the the West's histories, we will utilize long established area art organizations to assist us in the areas of making.... our projects are intended to facilitate and curate the work that is already being done by many wonderful local agencies and individuals to be brought into our under-utilized  transit  venues to experience the local story first hand.  Our first venue will begin with the bus stop! 

   “No one can find what will work for our cities by looking at … suburban garden cities, manipulating scale models, or        inventing dream cities. You’ve got to get out and walk.”
--Jane Jacobs  (http://janeswalk.net/index.php/about/)

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The Tahoe Foundation Presents" 

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The movie below best explains what we are trying to do and presents a peek at what we have already done! 
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Our programs and projects are about preservation through education and innovation, particularly emphasizing the role that architecture and community planning play in America's and the world's heritage and conservation. We are not the traditional preservation organization but rather are pioneering new paths toward participatory preservation projects in the arena of transit architecture by way of re-inventing transit stops and shelters.   This is so anyone and everyone can learn how to offset impacts to The Lake Tahoe Basin, and other watersheds simply by waiting for a bus.  

Please visit our YouTube website slideshow called: The Tahoe Foundation Presents..

Legal Information:
  • The Tahoe Foundation® is a grassroots community organization founded  in 2007.
  • We are a registered Nevada Corporation.
  • We are also a registered  California Corporation doing business as a foreign entity.
  • We are a 501 (C)3 charitable organization since 2008.  
  • Our annual filings and a list of our Board of Directors can be found at the Secretary of State of Nevada.
  • Our annual filings can also be found at  the Secretary of State of California.
  • We are on the list of charitable public organizatons at the Internal Revenue Service.
  • We hold annual Board of Directors meetings which are open to the public, and have not yet had donations exceeding $25,000.00 a year in any given year to date. As a result we have filed an annual 990.  
  • Our name and trademark is registed at the United States Patent Office. 
  • We are preparing to publish a white paper soon, and will be having a public fundraising event in the year of 2013.